Friday, 8 April 2011

Loving right now...

I have no idea about nail polish, but I know what the latest trend is! Everyone is talking about the Chanel Mimosa nail polish.... and I like this color, yes I do!
Apparently it is not released yet, so I can't go and see what i looks like with my own eyes, but I can definitely say now that I will not be buying it! I will indeed get a much cheaper option.

Scketchbook stuff

In one of my latest projects I conducted various researches. One of them was to research about the word Matriarchy so I could come up with visuals related to the subject.
I came up with this painting of a Nair lady. This painting dates from 1928 by Rao Bahadur M. V. Dhurandhar.

A couple of days later browsing through my March issue of Vogue magazine UK, I came across this other image, from the editorial 'Ocean Colour Scene' by Mario Testino.

I find it fascinating how alike pictures and images from different eras are...

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Tomorrow I am visiting the VM and Display Show at the Business Design Center in Islington. Just because of that, I think this is a great time to show you this video directed by Upper First, where they used mannequins to screen their amazing visuals, creating a really cool effect almost as if the mannequins were dressed.

Lesson learnt: we will not only use mannequins to put clothes on!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Hi there!

I haven't posted for over a month now. I had to concentrate and spend all my time in some of my university projects. Now that the work is done I will be posting again all the things that get my attention.

I will also try to post a couple of visuals from one of my projects soon. Don't get too excited as it is my first project and it is just that, the first one!

Anyway, now just think of a really famous drink, and a really famous designer, mix it all together and what you get???

Yes! you got it!

Karl Lagerfeld has designed these limited diet Coke bottles that will be on sale at speciality stores in June. I wonder how much they will sale for?

Thursday, 17 February 2011

I'm back!

After a few days away I'm back with this Chanel animated video by Peter Philips. After watching this video I'm thinking of incorporating animation, and music to my desing for visual merchandiding assingment presentation. Whatever I come up with for the project I will post it here!
Enjoy the video! 

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Just Pose

Yesterday, I received the newsletter for NEO2. At first when I saw the email, just for a second, I thought it was NEO2 replying to the question on my first post What are you into? and that their answer was I am into creativity...

Anyway, they have created for their 100th issue a really cool interactive video using VJ tools and different video editing software. You can create your own creative videos by mixing the different sound and image loops.

I couldn't quite work out how to do it at the beginning, even though they explain it well, but when I got into it I really enjoyed creating some cool little videos.

It is a shame they haven't created a facility where you can record the videos and post them, and have a little competition, so we could also see what other people come up with!

I am sure this interactive video will keep you entertained for a while.  Lets be creative!

Monday, 7 February 2011


I just feel like hiding under my blanket and watch crap TV all day....thank god I have a little one to cheer me up.